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Teaching Experience

Dr. Marios Panagiotou has taught four different courses (two graduate courses and two undergraduate courses) multiple times during his seven years of work as an assistant professor at UC Berkeley (UCB). He has also taught graduate courses on earthquake structural engineering at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and at University of Southern California (USC). The following list describes the different courses taught: 

  • CEE 537 – “Advanced Reinforced Concrete” (USC graduate course, Fall 2017)

  • CEE 599 – “Seismic Protective Systems” (USC graduate course, Spring 2018)

  • CEE 247 – “Earthquake Hazard Mitigation” (UCLA, graduate course, Spring 2017)

  • CE 223  – “Earthquake Protective Systems” (UCB, graduate course, taught 2 times)

  • CE 245  – “Behavior of Reinforced Concrete” (UCB, graduate course, taught 3 times)

  • CE 120  – “Structural Engineering” (UCB, undergraduate course, taught 7 times)

  • CE 123  – “Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures” (UCB, undergraduate course, taught 3 times)

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