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Lectures 4 and 5

Seismic Analysis, Design, and Experimental Testing of 

Base-isolated Buildings at Near-fault Sites

4 hours  prerecorded, 1.5 hours discussion


This two-lecture-series develops a comprehensive understanding of advanced seismic analysis, design, and experimental testing behavior of base-isolated buildings located near major faults (earthquake magnitude M6.2 to M8.0). The lectures use an end-to-end approach extending from nonlinear response of SDOF systems representing seismic isolation and experimental testing of devices and base-isolated buildings up to 3D nonlinear response history analysis (NLRHA), in ETABS Ultimate, of 20-story tall base isolated buildings.

Lecture 04 presents the fundamentals of the nonlinear dynamic behavior of various seismic isolation systems including the following devices: friction bearings, rubber bearings, and nonlinear viscous dampers. Using nonlinear SDOF analysis the response of seismic isolation systems to strong near-fault pule-like ground motions is studied and their equivalent linear analysis is presented. The theoretical as well as the experimental mechanical behavior of various isolation systems is presented.

Lecture 05 presents the 3D NLRHA and seismic design of two base isolated buildings, 10- and 20-story tall. The response and design of the of the base isolated buildings is compared with the corresponding fixed-base designs presented in detail in Lecture 03. The buildings use a RC core-wall above the isolation plane. The incremental cost of base-isolated earthquake-resilient buildings is calculated. This lecture also presents examples of constructed base-isolated tall buildings (up to 45-story tall) as well as the effect of inelastic behavior of the superstructure of base-isolated buildings.

  • Fundamentals of base-isolated buildings

  • Nonlinear response of  SDOF oscillators subjected to near-fault ground motions  

  • Mechanical behavior of isolation systems including friction bearings, rubber bearings, and nonlinear viscous dampers

  • Simplified analysis and design procedures calibrated with 3D nonlinear response history analysis (NLRHA)

  • Seismic performance comparison, based on 3D NLRHA, of base-isolated and fixed-base buildings at near-fault sites

  • Seismic isolation of high-rise buildings (up to 45-story tall)

  • Effect of inelastic response of the superstructure of base-isolated buildings

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