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BTM-shell Methodology in the Program FE-MultiPhys

A series of nine video tutorials (4.5 hours of total duration, narrator: Professor Ioannis Koutromanos) on pre-processing, analysis, and post-processing using the computational framework is available here. The tutorials include two examples: one for the analysis of RC walls using BTM-shells (SHEL2) and another for the analysis of a column using fiber-section three-dimensional nonlinear beams (BEAM2). The table below summarizes the topical coverage and duration of the three tutorials. The input files of the two models covered in the tutorials can be downloaded from the links provided here. The table below describes the contents of the video tutorials.

Tutorials content table.png

1.1   Define and draw shells - 15minutes

1.2   Define section PARTS - 15 minutes

1.3   Boundary conditions, loading - 20 minutes

1.4   FE-MultiPhys Input File - 46 minutes

1.5   Post-processing Walls - 48 minutes

2.1   Beam Model Creation - 26 minutes 

2.2   Beam Model txt Input - 33 minutes 

2.3   Beam Model Post-processing - 50 minutes 

3.1   Advanced Pre-processing - 25 minutes 

5&6    Infill Frames, Interface Elements 

157 minutes

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