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Videos of Seismic Experiments and Analysis

Full-scale shake-table-test of a 7-story RC wall building slice (Panagiotou et al. 2011)

Full-scale shake-table-test of a 5-story RC building tested in base-isolated and fixed-base configuration

(Pantoli et al. 2016)

Half-scale shake-table-test of a 3-story precast structure with rocking post-tensioned wall (Belleri et al. 2014)

Full-scale shake table test of a ductile RC bridge column (Schoettler et al. 2015)

Large-scale shake table test of a resilient rocking post-tensioned bridge column

(Trono et al. 2014, Principal Investigator: C. Ostertag, co-PI: M. Panagiotou)

Full-scale cyclic static test of a 4-ft deep RC beam

(Visnjic et al. 2016, Principal Investigator : J.P. Moehle, co-PI: M. Panagiotou)

Large-scale shake table tests of rocking shallow foundations including physical modeling of soil

(Antonellis et al. 2015, Principal Investigator: Panagiotou M.)

Seismic analysis in ETABS of 20-story fixed-base, base-isolated, and rocking core-wall buildings 

Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCE) hazard level, Los Angeles

Simplified Use of the Beam-Truss-Model in ETABS and Modeling of Inelastic Cyclic Buckling, Rupture of Steel 

Advanced seismic analysis of tall buildings that use base-isolation and resilient core-wall systems

Lu and Panagiotou

Seismic analysis of 20-story tall RC core-wall buildings including diagonal shear failures (Lu and Panagiotou)

Seismic analysis of RC walls with a beam-truss model that captures shear and buckling failures

(Lu and Panagiotou, Alvarez, Restrepo and Panagiotou)

Seismic analysis, in ETABS Ultimate, of fixed-base RC buildings presented in Lectures 02 and 03

Seismic analysis, in ETABS Ultimate, of base isolated buildings presented in Lectures 04 and 05

Seismic Analysis from the Professional Experience of Dr. Panagiotou

Seismic Analysis of RC Wall Components and Buildings Using the BTM in FE-MultiPhys

Note: One of the winners of the PEER's blind prediction contest was Professor S. Girgin who used the nonlinear cyclic truss model of Moharrami et al. (2014). (contest results)

The BTM in FE-Multiphys was used by a team consisted of Dr. Mavros, Dr. Murcia-Delso, and Dr. Panagiotou to win UCLouvain 2022 Blind Prediction Competition: Flexural and Torsional Response of RC U-shaped Walls. The video includes a brief presentation by Dr. Mavros describing the model used in the competition (it begins at 22:18).

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