Lectures and Courses

The school offers a 21-hour online+live+interactive course on Earthquake Resilient BuildingsThe course consists of seven lectures (Lectures 01 to 07)Each lecture consists of the following three components:

(A) a prerecorded lecture 

(B) Q&A (questions and answers)

(C) an online live discussion


The prerecorded parts of the lectures are also offered individually. The online live discussions answer questions, related to the prerecorded parts, that have been emailed to the instructor before the scheduled discussion. The discussions are recorded and conducted in groups. The participants receive the recorded discussions of all groups increasing the provided recorded material. Each enrolled participant can ask up to 35 questions for the entire course. For participants that enroll only in components A and B, written answers are provided via email. The prerecorded lectures and the discussions are in PowerPoint format.  The course material are stored online and  participants retain access to the material for five years after completion of the course. Access to the online course material are ipv4 restricted (each course participant has access from a specific ipv4). For each hour of video material,  10 viewing hours per year are provided.

15 hours  prerecorded, 6 hours discussion

2 hours  prerecorded, 1 hour discussion

4.75 hours  prerecorded, 1.5 hours discussion

4 hours  prerecorded, 1.5 hours discussion

2.75 hours  prerecorded, 1 hour discussion

1.75 hours  prerecorded, 1 hour discussion