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Research Experience

Photos from seismic experiments Dr. Panagiotou has led as Principal Investigator (a), co-Principal-Investigator (b, c) or PhD student researcher (d). (a) Shake-table test including physical modeling of the soil of rocking shallow foundations; (b) Full-scale test of a 1.2-m-deep RC beam for special moment frames; (c) shake-table test of earthquake-resilient rocking bridge column; (d) shake-table test of a full-scale 7-story RC wall building slice. Link to Videos.

Dr. Marios Panagiotou during his five years of his PhD research studies as well as during his seven years as assistant professor at UC Berkeley has conducted analytical, computational and large-scale experimental research on earthquake structural engineering of RC structures and on the development of earthquake resilient tall buildings and bridges. During his career at UCB graduated five PhD students and was the principal or co-principal investigator of nine research grants with a total award amount of more than $ 1.5 Million. As part of these research projects he conducted some of the largest seismic experiments that have been conducted worldwide. 


As a PhD researcher, he was responsible for the seismic design, analysis, and shake-table testing of a full-scale 7-story building slice at the NEES@UCSD equipment site; this is the tallest structure ever tested on a shake table in U.S. In 2012, he received the ASCE Alfred Noble prize for his journal paper related to the 7-story building slice project.

Research Interests

  • Structural Earthquake Engineering

  • Analytical and Experimental Development of Earthquake Damage Resistant Structures Using Isolation Devices, Rocking Components, and High-performance Materials

  • Performance-based Seismic Design of Structures

  • Computational Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Characterization of Earthquake Ground Motions and Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction

PhD Students Supervision

5. Dr. G. Antonellis, Spring 2015. “Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Bridges with Columns on Rocking Foundations.”

4. Dr. Y. Lu, Fall 2014, “Three-dimensional Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings at Near-fault Sites.”

3. Dr. T. Visnjic, Fall 2014, “Design Considerations for Earthquake-Resistant Special Moment Frames,” (Chair of the Ph.D. dissertation committee: Panagiotou; co-advised with Professor J. Moehle).

2. Dr. W. Trono, Spring 2014, “Earthquake Resilient Bridge Columns Utilizing Damage Resistant Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete,” (co-advised with Professor C. Ostertag).

1. Dr. V. Calugaru, Fall 2013, “Earthquake Resilient Tall Reinforced Concrete Buildings at Near-Fault Sites Using Base Isolation and Rocking Core Walls.”

Research Grants

9. “Seismic Demand Model of Bridge Piers Supported on Rocking Shallow Foundations,” Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER), 09/15/2013 – 06/30/2014, $55,466, PI: M. Panagiotou

8. “Experimental Response and Analytical Modeling of Rocking Foundations under Seismic Loading,” California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), 02/01/2013 to 07/31/2015, $741,479, Principal Investigator (PI): Panagiotou, M., co-PIs: Kutter B. (UCD), Fox P., and Restrepo, J.I. (UCSD), Mahin A. S. (UCB).

Videos of the test response:

7. “Shaking table test of pre-cast post-tensioned HyFRC bridge column,” Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER), 10/01/2012 – 09/30/2013, $64,414, PI: C. Ostertag, co-PI: M. Panagiotou.

Video of test response:

6. “High Performance Modeling of Seismic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Tall Buildings,” France-Berkeley Fund, 06/2010 to 07/31/2013, $10,000, co-PIs: Panagiotou M., Grange S. 

5. “Beam Hoop Reinforcement for Large SMRF Beams,” Pankow Foundation, Webcor Builders, ACI Foundation’s Concrete Research Council, 08/01/10 – 10/31/11, $108,445, PI: Moehle J.P, co-PI: Panagiotou M.

Video of test response:

4. Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Self-Centering Walls, UC-MEXUS 08/01/09 – 01/31/11, $25,000, PI: Panagiotou M., co-PI: Rodriguez M.

3. Self-Compacted Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composites for Bridge Columns, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER), 01/01/09 – 12/31/10, $138,771, PI: Ostertag C.P., co-PI: Panagiotou M.

2. California Institute of Energy Efficiency – California Energy Commission (CIEE-CEC), Analysis of the Seismic Performance of Substation, Post Insulators, 10/01/08 – 09/30/11, $349,997, Co-PI.

1. Performance-based Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Bridges with Foundation Uplift, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER), 09/01/09 – 08/31/10, $69420, PI.

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